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Hi! We're the Tribeless Team. We're an empathy training company based in Malaysia that works with teams, organizations and communities around the world. 🌏✨

Our approach to empathy is experiential, practical and fun — we believe that empathy is the key to healing our relationships with ourselves and each other. Before we can begin to practice empathy, however, we must first connect on a human level.

Enter, #EmpathyCircles™️!

#EmpathyCircles™️ is a virtual format for group conversations that create deep human connection in a short amount of time.

The origin story:

Our big dream:

To create a world where everyone has the ability to have tough, vulnerable, heart-opening conversations with empathy and kindness as their guide. 💛

The facts:

A typical #EmpathyCircles™️ session looks like...

Length: 90 ~ 120 minutes

Platform: Zoom, with lots & lots of breakout rooms

Group size: Anywhere from 20 ~ 100 pax! We welcome groups of all sizes :)

What to prepare: A strong internet connection, a blank A4 paper & marker, and an open mind!

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